Endurance Beast – 38 Days to Go!

Yes, that is what my training plan told me I am this week as I continue to approach max hours. As I sit here though, I feel like more of an eating beast. It’s amazing how hungry I constantly am from all of the calories I’m burning. So, big shocker here, but it’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged so let me bring you up to speed on some key events/sessions.

Week of May 20th

Well the key event this week was the Buffalo Marathon as I celebrated my 30th birthday in my hometown. I really hadn’t planned to take the race seriously, I just wanted to finish my 10th marathon. With this goal, I headed to Niagara on the Lake for a day of wine tasting with some of my fav people. We had a great time. I avoided the carb loading and even had ribs for dinner. I got up early Sunday am and headed to downtown Buffalo for the start of the race. There were some extra safety precautions put in place after the Boston Marathon bombings and we even all wore Boston Strong tattoos. Jason came to the race with me to cheer which I always appreciate. I got started and felt strong. I got to see him quite a few times along the first half of the course which was awesome! I knew though that the second half I wouldn’t see him at all and it was just me and a bunch of crazy marathoners. I kept looking at my watch and was shocked at my pace and how great I felt. I have always wanted to break a four hour marathon but have come up short every time, once by just 32 seconds. Suddenly, I felt this goal was in reach and I kept pushing. At mile 20 where “the wall” usually bites me, I picked up the pace and pushed on. It was such a weird feeling. In fact, I’ve never not walked during a marathon (other than a couple water breaks) but that was the case this day. With three miles to go I knew I had it and I pushed extra hard to ensure I gave myself the best 30th birthday gift I could think of. As I came around to the finish line I saw my dad standing there cheering for me and it meant the world to me! A few steps later I saw Jason and I could tell how shocked he was to see me so soon. I finished strong and was glowing! It just goes to show this Ironman training really is paying off. I then went on to relax and come home to a surprise 30th party that my family through for me. They rock my world 🙂


Niagara on the Lake Wine Tasting


Buffalo Marathon Race Gear


Buffalo Marathon Recap


B-day Gift from the Fam!

Week of May 27th

A week at home! So nice to train at home. Nothing too exciting this, really just swim, bike, run, repeat, repeat, and repeat some more!

Week of June 3rd

Back to Orlando this week which meant really early morning wake up calls in order to get sessions accomplished before work. I actually grew to like the wake up calls at 4am as I knew I would have the roads mostly all to myself. It was such a blessing to have my coworkers bike and well lit areas around the Seaworld/Universal/i Drive area. I’m actually going to miss my little morning route! 

Had a little travel snafu coming back which resulted me taking my long run for the week indoors. Yes, that’s right… over 13 miles on the dreadmill. Talk about mentally painful and exhausting! But I fought through it because it needed to get done. I want to be an Ironman and no one ever said it would be easy. Sigh.




Love my new waterproof iPod!

Friday we headed to Syracuse for the weekend. Saturday morning we ran in Paige’s Butterfly Run., a run that is near and dear to my heart. I met Paige’s father, Chris Arnold a few years ago while working at LM in Syracuse and the story just broke my heart. So every year we try our best to support the run and as a result, pediatric cancer. I had a great time, not quite as fast as I had hoped for but better than the year before. I got 5th in my age group, which I had hoped to place, but maybe next year. I had to remind myself that I’m focused on endurance right now and not speed.


Paige’s Butterfly Run 5K Recap

Sunday I got my long training bike ride in via riding the Tour de Cure with an awesome friend. We rode the 62.5 mile course and we pushed. We averaged about 18mph which I was happy with. Instead of veering off to the finish line, I still had about another hour to put in per my training plan so I headed out to do that. I ended up with 75 miles that day, my longest ever. I was exhausted by the time I finished and my neck and back were killing me. But better to get that out of the way now! What a great weekend for my training!


Tour de Cure Recap

Week of June 10th

Last week in Orlando. The humidity was starting to get killer and the post work storms every day were really forcing the early am workouts.


Yep…Athlete Lap Swimming 😉


The final early am ride in Orlando

My flights on Friday got all screwed up (as usual) but forced me to head to the airport mega early rather than get my long run in. There was no connection available so I was going to have to drive home from Philly, again. The good news here is that I was able to take in the Philly run scene. It was also a lot cooler and way less humid! I got my 2.5 hour run in on the Kelly Drive/Martin Luther King Loop and ended near the art museum. This is my second year in a row not doing the Philly Tri since it’s the same weekend as Ironman Syracuse 70.3, but I can say I really miss it! It was so nice to be in the area where I have so many memories from my first tri!


Philly Run!



Sunday I took on my annual tradition of the Wilkes Barre Duathlon – a 5K run, 16m bike, and 5k run. I wasn’t sure how I would do since I’ve been beating my body up pretty good with all of the training but I was going to go out there and give it my best shot. And that I did. I pushed hard through both of the runs and the bike. Had my fastest time yet with shaving 4 minutes off of last years time. I got second in my age group and was the 8th female overall. Not too shabby 🙂 I dedicated my 2nd place medal to my dad in honor of Father’s Day. 


Wilkes Barre Duathlon Packet


Let’s Du This!


2nd Place!

Week of June 17th

I am finally home this week (likely for good until Lake Placid, fingers crossed) which really helps me focus on my training. It’s crazy that I have gotten into such a rhythm of planning each day to the minute to ensure I can get all of these workouts in! I can honestly say at this point since March, I have skipped less than 5 workouts total. Given all of the travel and hurdles I face regularly, I think that’s pretty darn good. Now, to just keep that up 🙂

So, tomorrow I am hitting an all time low in my training….I am taking a vacation day in order to get my long ride in. It was planned for this weekend but since I have Ironman Syracuse 70.3 on Sunday, that is just not going to happen. The only thing keeping me motivated to push through this ride tomorrow is the fact that they posted the athlete guide today for Ironman Lake Placid. I got goosebumps just scrolling through it (ok fine, in full disclosure I teared up too). 38 days to go!!


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