Swim Focused Week – Eww

Well my recovery week went ridiculously fast, shocker. I spent the first part of the week in Fort Worth, Texas. Love to visit there! Lots of great convenient training options. I took advantage of a YMCA to swim a few blocks from my hotel. My Tuesday night workout consisted of an easy bike ride, so I grabbed a fun red bike from the bike share program and hopped on the road! What a great ride watching the sunset!

My week in Texas got cut short with an unexpected trip home for an interview. I’ll spare you the details of all the politics and just tell you that my fingers are still crossed none the less. So I picked up the remainder of the week training at home. Got a great run in around the neighborhood on Friday and felt really strong. Clearly some easier recovery days were paying off!

Saturday am I woke up early to hit the pool before heading out for a two hour ride on the local roads. I passed by the local bike shop ride and wished I had rode with them. One thing Ironman training is…. Lonely. I spend a lot of time alone with plenty of time for self reflection and debate. (Prime example: over analyzing my interview for days after the fact when it’s over!) I wish I had the ability to train more with others but it’s challenging when you are following a very specific plan. Speaking of the plan… Still going strong with no missed sessions!

So this week on Sunday I hopped a plane to Utah with my love. This was supposed to be my week at home but I decided to tag along on his work trip rather than being home alone. Best highlight of the flight…. sitting in front of Steve Carell in first class, then getting a pic with him at the gate in Atlanta! he had been in Scranton for The Office party to celebrate the show coming to an end! Pretty cool!

The elevation here is a but challenging on my training but I’m pushing through. I had one of the worst runs I’ve had in a long time on Sunday upon arrival. I hit a local trail in Ogden and just struggled from the first step through the last step 90 minutes later. BRUTAL! The combo of elevation, being cramped from sitting on a plane, eating not so healthy food before, and dehydration just kicked my rear. I looked at it from the perspective that I finished and would move on making better choices.

I found a great “surf n swim” in Layton to swim at. Imagine a giant indoor wave pool that gets converted to lap swim in the am! Love it and it’s only $3 a visit! This week is swim focused training which means at least one workout each day spent in the pool focused on endurance or speed. As much as I hate the swim, I know that come race day it will pay off (or so that’s the plan!)

Last night Jason and I headed to Park City for a little escape and some time together. We toured the 2002 Olympic winter grounds. So cool! The ski jumps and the bobsled track were just amazing! The Olympics are just such a huge inspiration to me. A girl can dream, right? We then headed over to Main Street for a nice walk and fabulous dinner. Such a great evening!

So where am I right now you may ask? Blogging live from my iPhone on a bike at Planet Fitness! I already hit the pool this am and now have a 90 min ride. Since I can’t be on the road (no bike this week) I decided to take advantage of this time to blog and catch up (I told you I would try and be more frequent 😉 ) So I’ve never blogged from the app and don’t quite know how to put my pics in the post, so for now I will post them separately. Enjoy and have a great week! XOXO









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