Week One…. Really?

So apparently the official start to my 20 week training plan snuck up on me. Voila it starts tomorrow! Good thing I was sitting at my desk and had the thought to check. Well I guess that takes the mystery out of my workout plans for the week (oh and the next 19 too)!

The good news is that the first 4 weeks are the “prep” phase. I think I’ve done a pretty good job in February of holding myself accountable to getting workouts in. In fact, the calendar was packed! I figured now that February is over, I will share a glimpse into my workout calendar of everything I completed (proud moment).


February Garmin Data Recap

So now I’m on to March. The first week of March was a bit weak given a really hectic work schedule, but I still managed to get a few good workouts in. Now looking back, I may have done things a tad different if I knew it was my last independent week for AWHILE, but it is what it is. Here’s what the week looked like:


March Garmin Data

One thing is for sure with going to the plan, I will definitely be doing much more swimming and biking. It will be good to force myself. I’ve gotten a few good sessions in since the start of 2013, but nowhere close to where I need to be. In fact today, I even made my return to my road bike outside for the first time since September. It was still too cold and windy but I got 30 minutes in. Felt good to know I could still get on the bike and go (and thankfully no incidents with clipping in!)


Road Ride 1 of 2013!

This past Monday I had the opportunity to try out a cycle place in Bethesda Maryland called Zengo Cycle. My sister recommended it from a member at her club. I had went to the website to learn that the first class was free, but $22 per class after. Wow! I knew if this place could get away with charging that, it had to be good. I figured I might as well use the free class and check it out. WOW! What a workout! Class was about 60 minutes of steady non-stop riding with a cool down and stretch at the end. I was dripping sweat by the time I got out. The instructor did an amazing job of keeping the class engaged and motivated. The time flew by like nothing. We did a ton of pushups on the bike as we cycled, but the most unique thing we did was using weights on the bike. Yes, you read that right…weights while cycling. While the weights are maybe 2 lbs a piece, they get your arms BURNING! It was tough but burned so good. I walked out of the class feeling very accomplished. So much so that I would go back in a heart beat and invest the money in another class. Big kudos to the studio! Their website is: http://www.zengocycle.com

So yesterday marked seven years since the night I first truly met Jason and our journey together started. We spent a great day together, nothing specific, but just another Saturday together full of smiles. We ended up on a random little journey (I will spare you the details) but it led to a great discussion about the Ironman. I shared how I’m beyond nervous yet super excited. He had some really encouraging things to say, and quite frankly they were exactly what I needed to hear. He reminded me of how Tara from the Biggest Loser finished an Ironman, and all of the people that you watch struggle to finish each year on TV at Kona, and how they all get to that finish line, one way or another. He reminded me that I coach others of the same principles that I need to follow: Concentrate on your training. Have faith in your training. Focus on one step at a time. Fuel early and often. But then one thing he said really got my heart and made me tear up. He said we will all be out there you Jackie. Me, your parents, your friends, cheering for you every step of the way….because we know you can do it. (Tearing up just writing this!) That got me motivated and in a positive mindset. I can do this. I will do this. My official journey starts tomorrow!


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