You Love Running

Being back on the road again means more than just less posting to my blog. It also means I’m back to my magazine addiction that built up while I was home for a few weeks. It’s no shocker what my mix of magazine subscriptions consist of….Runner’s World, Triathlete, USA Triathlon, Fitness, Women’s Health, Rachael Ray, Food Network, Wine Spectator, and Travel and Leisure. Actually, now that I just listed those out, I realize what a ridiculous collection that is monthly. None the less, I was catching up the other day on the December issue of Triathlete and was reading about some of the inspiring moments at the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona. Just to be clear, I am beyond excited for Ironman Lake Placid but there is still an overwhelming feeling of doubt for the unknown of 140.6 miles. I feel confident that I can push through any of the three legs if they were to be solo. All together though, that’s a different story (that’s what training is for, right?). I know my body is going to be spent by the run, it’s a given. And that’s why I found the advice on the course that the 2011 champ gave to the race leader.  “He ran over to me and told me to relax. You love running, Pete. Enjoy every minute.” That’s exactly true for me. I love running. I love running more than most things in life. It’s my passion and what makes me love waking up every day. So why am I so worried about the run? I need to take the advice and do just that, enjoy it. You only get to do your first Ironman once. Might as well soak in every minute.  Before my event I hope to scan back through this blog as a reminder of my journey. I know that this post will be much appreciated in those pre-race days.

So I’ve been trying to get a good balance lately of swim, bike, run while having limited pool access on travel and not having access to my bike (and not able to ride outside anyways given the weather). It’s been a bit challenging but I’ve been trying to get in at least one decent pool session each week and some spin classes. Rather than type out all of my workouts day by day since I’m a bit behind, I figured I would share with you my latest Garmin export. This is all of my data from my Garmin watch. I’ve been trying to do a good job keeping up with it.


January Garmin Data

January Garmin Data


Actually, just now in posting my Garmin data, I recognize how guilty I feel for two rest days last week. At the same time, I realize that longer, and sometimes twice daily workouts are easier when I am on the road and free of household distractions and errands. I will take it as just another thing to improve on 🙂

Good news is the weather is supposed to warm up this week! And by warm up, I mean 50, but I will take it! I’m hoping to get in a long run this week as a result. Also, I’m running in the Superbowl 10K in the Lehigh Valley Sunday am which I am also really excited for. I may also head down to Philly Fri/Sat which also lends itself to some new workout scenery. Stay tuned 🙂



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