On the Road….Again

I owe my follower community an apology for being MIA for a few days. I realize that I was much better at frequent posts when I was not working. Go figure. So back at it! I’m blogging from my hotel room in Greenville, South Carolina as I’m here for a new audit. Good news is it’s a new location for me. Bad news is umm well, let’s stick to the good 🙂 So let me bring you up to speed!

Tuesday 1/8/13

  • WOD (Workout of Day): Well I am now a member of the Y and my big return to the pool! I swam for 30 minutes consecutively in the pool and surprisingly felt great! My arms were a bit sore, to be expected, but I was more than satisfied with my performance.
  • Other Noteworthy Items: Worked from home during the day to get some random tasks wrapped up so I could focus on my PMP exam planned for Friday. After my trip to the Y with my swim partner in crime, we went to grab some sushi from a local establishment. http://www.pmi.org/Certification/Project-Management-Professional-PMP.aspx

Wednesday 1/9/13

  • WOD:  After work (from home) I headed to Wilkes Barre to get a 6 mile run in outside as the sun went down. It was gorgeous and so therapeutic. I then met Jason at Planet Fitness and spent 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer next to him. I wrapped up with some ab work. I’m trying to get as much ab work as I can these days. I surely need it!

Beautiful Sunset View from the Market Street Bridge – Wilkes Barre, PA

  • Other Noteworthy Items: Kind of an uneventful day! Work. Workout. Dinner at Panera.

Thursday 1/10/13

  • WOD: I worked out my mind instead, PMP style 😉
  • Other Noteworthy Items: I pretty much spent the day stressing, studying, stressing, and stressing over taking the PMP the next day. Why did I want to get this certification anyways? I found any way I could to distract myself. Then once I focused, I entered freak out mode. I finally decided “it is what it is” and prayed for formula and process osmosis to my brain overnight.
Thai Peanut - Crockpot Style

Thai Peanut – Crockpot Style

Friday 1/11/13

  • WOD: Negative! Opted to celebrate with coworkers after work over a few selective beverages. Cheers!
  • Other Noteworthy Items: Took my PMP exam that I was cramming for and PASSED! Yay! I will say that it was waaaaaaay too much stress for a Friday but seeing the Pass come up on the screen once I completed the exam made it all seem worth it. It was not an easy test by any means. I will count this one a big success for 2013 to get the year going right 🙂
Officially a PMP aka PiMP ;)

Officially a PMP aka PiMP 😉

Saturday 1/12/13

  • WOD: 6 mile run around Mountain Top, most of it with Jason. Was an unseasonably warm day (50’s) and needed to take advantage! Felt awesome!
  • Other Noteworthy Items: Spent much of the day relaxing and then topped it off with an awesome couples date night at the Tipsy Turtle with some great friends. Had a great time and many laughs. Super therapeutic!

Sunday 1/13/13

  • WOD: Just wasn’t feeling it. Was so wrapped up in stuff that I never made time 😦
  • Other Noteworthy Items: Spent most of the day catching up on stuff before hitting the road. Woke up and started making some awesome XXX recipes. One was from a friend and the other was a random I found by Giada (love her). The XXX was part of my package to my foodie penpal. Once the XXX was done I spent a ton of time putting together the rest of my package to send. Others think I am crazy for doing this, but I am SO excited! I shared my blog link with the gal that is my foodie penpal this month, so I can’t tell you, or show you what’s in the package. However, I will bring you up to speed at the end of the month and also show you what my foodie penpal got me! Interested in learning more about the foodie penpal program? Check it out: http://www.theleangreenbean.com/foodie-penpals/  Once I was done with my package, I watched the playoff football games and made some grub. I’m addicted to crockpot recipes! I also spent a couple hours working on a Pinterest project I had pinned a few weeks for DIY Photo Canvases. I had my pics printed at Sam’s club and they turned out awesome! Ck out the DIY instructions at: http://www.literallyinspired.com/2012/02/picture-perfect.html I did 3 – 16X20’s and 4 – 8X10’s for a layout that I also saw on Pinterest and loved. I’m super excited to get these hung up in the living room. The colors are so bright and full of energy. Bonus: Each pic reminds me of some great memories! It was then time to pack, something I def didn’t miss.
More Crockpot

More Crockpot


So Proud of this Project – Photography Passion!

image_8 image_3  image_1

Monday 1/14/13

  • WOD: 3 miles on the hotel treadmill = boring and humid and smelly and gross. I couldn’t get out of their fast enough. So I decided to head back to my room and try a workout I pinned on Pinterest the day before: “The Drop 10 Workout.” It consisted of 100 crunches (ouch), 90 jumping jacks, 80 lunges, 70 squats, 60 seconds running in place, 50 second plank (I was shaking), 40 jumping jacks, 30 squats, 20 high knees, and 10 push ups. I enjoyed that! Good change of pace.

A Little Variety, Courtesy of Pinterest!

  • Other Noteworthy Items: Made my big return to the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Airport at 5:30 am. I did NOT miss travel over vacation. I loved being home. However, it seems all good things must come to an end. Got to the airport to be informed they have changed their policy and now I need to be there ten minutes earlier to check a bag. I really need to get better at packing in a carry on. Carry on = 10 more minutes of sleep Monday mornings! Fortunately my flights were all on schedule and even met up with some of my team members during my layover. Good company always makes for better travel 🙂 Landed in Greenville and was greeted by a glowing AVIS counter agent. People here are soooooo happy, or as I refer to them, they s&*t rainbows 😉 Learned that there are little to no restaurant options near work so Subway won over fried fast food. Gross. Got to the site and the day fortunately flew by. Got back to the hotel, did my above workout and then grabbed some Chipotle action with the team. It was then time to settle into my guilty pleasure of watching the Bachelor. 

Tuesday 1/15/13

  • WOD: Double session today! Dragged, and I mean dragged my butt out of bed to head out for an early am run around the hotel before work. Lots of rolling hills and not much scenery. Greenville doesn’t seem to believe in sidewalks, quite unfortunate. Got in 6 miles after getting slightly turned on around and had to refer to the phone to bail me out back to the hotel. After work I headed to Planet Fitness to get in 45 minutes on the arc trainer. Love.That.Machine! Got a few crunches in too before heading out.
  • Other Noteworthy Items: Another day back at the audit site conducting interviews. Good news is the clients I am working with are awesome and super cooperative. Makes life a lot easier. Bad news is another day of lunch at Subway. After heading to grab some quick sushi after Planet Fitness, I headed to Whole Foods to get some grub for lunch tomorrow in an attempt to avoid day three in a row of Subway. I could spend hours in Whole Foods. Love. Love. Love!

Well kiddos, time for some Private Practice in bed, if I can stay awake, then time for some Zzzzzzz’s.


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