One Day Closer to the Dreaded Return

Every minute that goes by, I am one minute closer to the return to work….sigh….yuck…blah. I am not ready. Maybe it’s not necessarily the return to work that I dread but the return of living on the road. Well enough of that. I will deal with that when it comes. I still have a few more days of vacay to enjoy!


My new iMAC!

So yesterday I took a rest day from working out. I’m really trying to ease back into this to avoid injury. So, Jason and I hopped in the car for a ride to the King of Prussia area. My parents were kind enough to give me money towards the new iMAC i’ve been eyeing up for Christmas. Every place I have been calling for weeks within a two to three hour driving radius have been sold out of the new 21.5″ 2.9 GHz version. I finally got lucky and was able to find out that the King of Prussia location had a “very limited stock” available. Score! I spent a good amount of last night and all of today getting my computer up and running. Still quite a bit to do, but baby steps! And yes, I am blogging from my new love right now ❤


Evidence of my Ironman Lake Placid Training Plan!

When I left off from my last post, I was off to find a Ironman training plan. Well one thing I have learned from keeping this blog is I feel like it holds me accountable! I found a plan from Beginner Triathlete which is structured similar to the half Ironman training plans I have been using. Upon review, I figured I would give it a go! Man, I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed after looking through the workouts and the hours and hours of dedication this is going to take. It is a 20 week plan which once I backed out the plan from race day I ended up with the official start of the plan being the week of March 11th. So, I have some time to build up on my own. I’m going to take the next week or so to ease back into a routine and then maybe follow the beginning weeks of the half Ironman plan I had used in the past.

After looking at the training plans, I also came to the realization that I need to finally join a gym with a pool rather than just buying day passes here and there. I’m not really in love with the Odyssey, so I decided to give the Wilkes Barre YMCA a try. After my workout at Planet Fitness (more to come on that) I headed into the Y for a tour. I was impressed with all of the recent remodeling the facility has undergone. The pool is also soooooo much nicer than Odyssey. In addition, my training junkie in crime is also a member. I figured it will be nice to have some training company from time to time 🙂 I didn’t sign up on the spot but planning to make my return to the pool in the next couple days and I will then make the commitment.

As I mentioned I went to Planet Fitness today. It was surprisingly not a complete zoo, perhaps because I went around lunch time and most people are back at work. I spent 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer then did some ab work, squats, and lunges. Not a bad workout. It was frigid outside today (20) so I avoided an outdoors run. Weak, I know. 

I am also now using a pedometer through the Virgin Healthmiles program to earn money towards my LM Healthworks account. Not a happy camper about it. I’m also already sick of wearing the dumb thing. I’m a pretty active, healthy person, I don’t need a pedometer to tell me that. Sigh. Oh well. We will see how long this lasts. My coworkers are super into it though, so maybe that will help motivate me upon my return.


I’m not perfect….. Break time at Whole Foods!

Well kids, that’s it for today. Off to relax and catch some Zzzzzzz’s! Goodnight! XOXO


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