Hellllllllo 2013!

I officially welcomed in the new year in style! I spent NYE with Jason at a local restaurant which will remain anonymous (epic fail). We then came home and threw on some comfy’s to crawl into bed and watch the ball drop. I listened to all of the crazy people in Times Square that were there to pursue there bucket list item. At the same time I thought to myself that I had zero interest being crammed all day long in the cold waiting (while having to pee!). Just goes to show you the joy of bucket lists. They are not one size fits all. What makes one person’s list of dreams may be another person’s nightmare (I have a feeling my 140.6 dream is many people’s worst nightmare). 

This morning I had my first fitness compromise of 2013. I really wanted to run a New Years 10K race in Scranton, but my significant other, not so much. So no race for me but we headed out for a little easy paced 5 mile  run around our neighborhood together. I felt great, minus the frigid temperatures. Averaged a 9:26 min/mile, not too shabby for my lack of effort. 


Jas and I Ready to Conquer 5M in Mountain Top!

Made a great home cooked meal today in the crock-pot with some experimental items. We grabbed a pork loin from Weggies (good luck pork on New Years Day, or so they say) along with carrots, sweet potatoes, some left over brussels sprouts, all covered in a thai flavored stock. Delish! Such great flavor yet so lean! Not a bad start to the New Year 🙂


Before & After Crock-Pot Shots….Yum!

I also spent most of the day cleansing my house (indoors) of the holiday decor. Everything now looks so naked! Once I get a break I will decorate with some V-Day love to spice it up a bit.

So, what awaits me the rest of the evening? Well, I started my blog and my commitment to start training for IMLP, yet I have no plan. I am reminded by my old job as a planner where not planning is planning to fail. Time for some research! Hopefully I will soon be a woman with a plan 😉


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